Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunset Boulevard




Nothing says summertime in Hollywood, California more than hot young girls in faded cutoff jeans and a bikini top.

As John Branson and his daughter Jenny drove down Sunset Boulevard, one such young girl was standing off the curb with her thumb out. At 8:00 am, it seemed early for the hitchhikers to be out.

“Oh, daddy! Let’s pick her up!” Jenny said as she leaned forward on the dash of the Mercedes 500SEL.

“Oh, honey…she’s just a kid. Probably stoned out of her mind.”

“Maybe…but she’s hotter than Hell, dad. C’mon. Where’s that spirit of adventure that has me loving you so damn much?” Jenny lit a cigarette as John pulled to the curb, moving up slowly to the young girl, still fifty yards in front of them.

Jenny blew the smoke from the edge of her lips as she softly touched her daddy’s chin. Her tongue outlined his mouth, then she said breathlessly, “You’re the greatest…thank you daddy.”

The young girl turned as she heard the black Mercedes crawling behind her and stepped up on the curb. John came to a stop as Jenny powered her window down. “Hey, hop in hon!” Jenny’s raspy voice was always sexy to men and women.

The young girl hung one arm on the top of the car and leaned down to see whose voice had made her young pussy tingle.

Both girls stared as they did a slow analysis of each other. She stared at Jenny’s pouty red lips as smoke curled around them before drifting to her ocean blue eyes.

Jenny stared back at the young girls orange lips, heavily glossed like most street hookers. She looked into her dark, mysterious eyes and thought this young girl was the most stunning little hooker she’d ever seen.

As if the young girl had read her mind, she announced, “I’m no fucking hooker. I just need a ride.”

John leaned towards the steering wheel and looked out the passenger window that framed exceptionally nice tits stuffed into an orange bikini top that was at least two sizes too small for her DD cups.

“Hey, we’re offering you a ride, so hop in.” The firm voice of a high priced attorney usually gets attention, and it got hers. It also made her young pussy tingle again.

She opened the right rear door, tossed her backpack on the floor, and slid in.

Smoke poured from Jenny’s lips as she turned sideways and draped her arm over her seat. “What’s your name hon?”

That was twice now that this blond, pony tailed cheerleader type had called her ‘hon’. She felt her face flush, her pussy twitch both times! There was just something about Jenny that turned her on. She wasn’t usually turned on by rich, stuck up cheerleader types, but in less than two minutes, she knew that Jenny Branson was something special. Maybe it was the way her eyes drooped so sexily when she spoke. Her voice was thick, and raspy due to her chain smoking.

But, it was the way Jenny looked at her that made her wet. Like she wanted her, needed her, and with any luck, was going to have her.


“Jenny…and this handsome devil is my dad…John..” Jenny kissed him on the lips as he turned his head slightly, keeping an eye on the traffic.

Ok, it slammed into Amy like a sledgehammer to the chest. John and Jenny were so much more than father and daughter. Another pussy twitch had now moistened her soft cotton panties.

“Got you guys are uhh…lovers?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! I mean…c’mon Amy…look at him! Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous creature between their legs!” Jenny drew hard on her cigarette before finger flipping it out on Sunset.

Amy was shocked when Jenny’s head disappeared into John’s lap. She tried to look away because John was staring at her in the rear view mirror.

She smiled at him, and decided to have some fun of her own. Her right hand slipped down her tummy slowly before tucking under her waistband. Her unshaved mound tickled her fingertips as they prodded her pussy lips. Running her middle finger up and down her tiny slit made her even wetter. With one swift curl, it darted in her warm cunt.

John adjusted his mirror as Jenny sucked him slowly. Her soft moans stirred John and Amy simultaneously.

Amy mouthed, “For you daddy.” As she finger fucked herself slowly.

He mouthed back, “I want you!” as his eyes helped his pleading.

“You can have me!” Amy mouthed as she licked her juices from her finger.

Jenny felt her daddy’s cock swelling in her warm mouth thinking she was the cause of his sudden excitement. She picked up the pace and bobbed up and down while squeezing his big balls.

Amy heard it all and matched the rhythm coming from the front seat.

She bucked against her three fingers hard, arching her back not only because it felt good, but it showed John her dripping pussy with her fingers slamming in and out of it!

The intensity built for all of them as sex sounds filled the cabin of the luxury sedan.

Amy was close as John stared at her in the mirror, “Ready baby?” he whispered.

Jenny assuming he was talking to her, hummed an answer on his cock. “Umm hummm.”

Amy licked her orange lips and nodded.

Suddenly, guttural sounds roared around them in concert. John exploded in his daughters mouth as Amy squirted on the back of the soft palomino leather seat Jenny was occupying and gasped loudly.

Jenny’s head popped up over the top of the seat, “You ok sugar?” as his cream dripped from her chin.

Amy smiled and crooked her finger, “I’d be better if you’d hop back here and share some of that sweet stuff with me!”

John grinned as Jenny slid over the seat right on top of Amy.

“Give it to me baby! Amy pleaded.

Jenny leaned to her open orange mouth and dribbled her daddy’s cum in slowly. In seconds they were deep kissing and cum swapping as John took hold of his cock at the corner of Sunset and Highland.

Jenny slid down and pulled Amy’s shorts down to her thighs, and began eating the young girls pussy .

Amy held the back of Jenny’s head and said, “Give me some of his cum…just drop it on my clit!”

The clit got its reward and so did Jenny as Amy shot a steady stream of her thin juices in her willing mouth.

Afterwards, they sat up and lit cigarettes as John pulled onto Rodeo Drive.

He whipped to the curb in front of Louis Vuitton’s and parked. Turning in his seat, he enjoyed watching the girls smoke kissing and fondling one another.

Jenny broke from the kiss and said, “Daddy? Would you like some of this? You secret condo is just blocks away.”

“What about the beach, honey?” John replied.

Amy answered, “The beach will be there tomorrow…if you want me you both can have me, but it has to be today. I’m outta here first thing in the morning.”

Jenny replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t bet on it sugar. You look kinda young to be traveling alone. How old are you, hon?

Amy replied, “ that a problem?

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