Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Come To Momma, Joey

The sun was high and beating down on the exposed back of Dottie as she lay on her tummy.

The chaise lounge by the pool had a giant beach towel with dolphins splashing about that she was using to protect her skin from the hot plastic.

Dottie had great tits, and a nice ass. Everyone said she was beautiful, but that was a long time ago. Now, at 40, as the few wrinkles around her eyes appeared, the compliments stopped. They shouldn't have. What's a couple of tiny wrinkles anyway?

Her son, Joey never saw them, and if he did, he never mentioned them. What he did see was her long black hair that spilled over her shoulders, deep set dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, a slender nose that usually had smoke trickling from both nostrils as it washed over her glossy red lips.

She wasn't chubby exactly, but did have a few extra pounds due to her weakness for ice cream. None the less, Joey thought she was the sexiest fucking woman on the planet.

How many nights had he jacked off after she kissed him goodnight?

Her soft , creamy lips on his cheek almost embarrassed him more than once. When safely in bed, he would wipe her lipstick off with his forefinger and stick it in his mouth to help inspire him to jack off with a clearer picture of her delicious puckered lips.

He had no clue that she wanted him the same way.

Everything was for him. That creamy red lipstick was for him. Her sexy smoking style was for him. Her revealing tops were for his eyes only. Those shorts that showed most of her ass cheeks and camel toes?

For Joey, of course.

After all, her husband John quit noticing her years ago. They only had sex now a few times a year, and that was mostly a quick blow job for him, and maybe some quick fingering of her pussy for her. Was she frustrated? Oh yeah!

Today, Joey was hanging on the edge of the pool, resting his chin on the back of his hands with his elbows pointing out.

Dottie was on her tummy, leaning on her elbows, watching her teen age son through her dark Ray Bans. A cigarette was poised by her glossy lips so she could drag on it leisurely, French inhaling for him, at her leisure. She saw his eyes light up every time the warm smoke chased over her lips in a rush to her nose. She deliberately followed that with a tiny touch of her tongue to her bottom lip.

She knew he always watched her smoke. She also knew he usually got a hard on from it.

Today was no different.

Joey had such a hard on that he couldn't figure out how to get out of the pool without her seeing it. He was a big boy at 18, and had an underwear models body. Tall, slender, six pack abs, slick hairless chest, and a nice full crotch.

He had her facial features; dark brooding eyes, rich full lips, high cheek bones, and a perfect nose. He was buff, sexy, and unfortunately her son. The son all of her lady friends wanted to fuck, and she was no different.

Joey graduated from high school three days ago, and the family had a big pool party yesterday. Dozens of hot chicks and studly guys were all splashing in the pool, or dancing under the large covered patio. Joey danced a little with his girlfriend Amber, but really wanted to dance with his mother, who in his eyes was much hotter than the rail thin Amber Sloan.

But, it didn't happen, couldn't happen because he was afraid his secret would be ...uhh..out?

Today was different. John was golfing, and wouldn't be home for hours, and would certainly be too drunk to notice her anyway. Amber was at the beach with her girlfriends, so the timing couldn't have been better.

Dottie made the first move, "Joey, come here baby." as smoke poured from her lips.

"Huh?" Joey responded quickly.

"Come here. I feel like my backs on fire! I need you to rub some more lotion on me."


Joey hesitated, "Ok, mom...just let me take a quick lap first!" then dove backwards showing his hard on to his mom, which was the very thing he was trying to avoid. The lap was supposed to take his mind off of touching her silky bronze skin.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. After his lap, he grabbed the chrome pool ladder and pulled himself up, hard on and all.

She looked over her Ray Bans and sighed.

I must be nuts. I want to fuck him so bad. I want to suck that delicious looking cock until he begs me to stop. Hmm. Maybe he wont.

He walked over to her with his dick making a nice point in his red bathing suit. She raised her head as he approached still dragging on her cigarette, sending smoke from her nose while she inhaled again.

Just lay down and fuck me, baby. Oh, fuck me.

But, that's not what she said. "The lotion is on the table under the patio."

She dragged again, then continued, "And put this out for me will you, hon?" and handed him her Marlboro Light with its stained red filter.

"Sure, mom."

He walked to the patio and snuck a drag just to taste her lips. He didn't want to take it out of his mouth, but did as he reached for the coconut oil.

While his back was turned, Dottie fucked with her tight bottoms, pulling the waist band down so he could see plenty of her crack, and tugging up the leg holes allowing a view of her pussy...not much, just enough to provoke him into action.

He turned back and headed towards her with his eyes glued to her now very visable ass.

What the fuck mom? You're killing me. Oh, man. Turn over. Turn over and spread your legs. Pu...leeze!

Naturally, she didn't. That was just a fantasy, or was it?

He sat on the edge of the chaise and trickled oil over her back. " Nice baby. That oil feels really nice. Now rub it all over my back. Just take your time Joey."

His big hands began rubbing her slowly, "Uhh...mom?"

"Hmm?" She glanced back at her handsome son and grinned.

"Your...uh, strap is sorta in the way.."

"Just untie it sweetheart."

He untied the black string and leaned over just a bit and watched as her cup fell flat, revealing the sides of her smooth tits.

"Is that better, baby?" She asked as she lit another cigarette.

Speechless, he responded with, "Uh huh." then began rubbing her back in big circular motions.

His hands felt so good on her as she moaned softly, "I hope you have lots of time for this. I could let you do this all day" then dragged slowly on her cigarette.

Joeys dick was urging at his waistband.

"I 'll do it for as long as you like, mom."

His hands teased her ass when they brushed over her crack.


"Yes, baby?"

"Uhh, your bottoms?"

Ok, the moment of truth.

Maybe I can see her pussy. Ohh fuck. I'm crazy.

Dotties hear raced. Ohhh fuck..Yessss!

"Just slip them off...if they're in the way."

So, you want to see your mommas pussy, huh? You got it, baby. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. Fuck..I am crazy!

***follow Joey and his mom in next weeks story when they go all the way***