Thursday, January 31, 2013


After going over it in my head for days, I always came up with the same conclusion;  I was going to meet an online lover.

My policy on that has changed back and forth the last couple of years. Initially, after talking on the phone and getting one another off, and if geography wasn’t an issue, I would meet the sexy voice in person.

I would have to say after a few of those encounters; my batting average was very low.

Let’s take the last one for example. It went something like this during the initial awkward first minute.

“Uh, you’re Butterfly_350?”

I would ask with my head tilted to the right to see if maybe my eyes were out of whack. Butterfly_350 was supposed to be 5’7”, and 120 pounds.

In her profile pic, her hair was long, wavy and luxurious.

Naturally, the face in that same pic had virtually no resemblance to the one standing in front of me then.

Gone were the rich full lips coated in pink lip gloss. Those lips were now just one thin line smeared with a red grease pencil. The same could be said of those sparkling blue eyes that were now as red as her hair, and basically just two slits gouged into puffy cheeks.

I shuddered as she shouted, “Gosh…it’s really you! Tommy Crown is standing right here in front of me. Gee, I’d recognize you anywhere. You look exactly like your profile pic!”

At that moment I wanted to run, but my parents raised me to be polite.

“Aww, thanks hon…you look …well, you look great yourself!”

Naturally, she’d fluff at her hair and say something like, “I was afraid you wouldn’t recognize me. I did change my hairstyle a bit, and uh…put on a few pounds.”

The long wavy hair, (if that was even hers in the first place) had been whacked to little patches of fine red hair that reminded me of a half plucked chicken. The few pounds had latched onto her entire body. I should have asked more questions about the ‘350’ in her user name, so chalk that one up to me.

Then I gave her a tiny peck on the forehead and dragged her by the elbow away from the crowded airport foot traffic. I wanted the darkest, least conspicuous place I could find to deliver the news.

I settled for a closed coffee shop that had open seating.

As I dropped her in the orange plastic chair, she yanked my tie and pulled my head down even with hers.


I closed my eyes as she proceeded to kiss me over and over. It reminded me of my Aunt Alice who never kissed me once when she greeted me when a dozen suited her more. I was only 8 years old, and found it annoying as hell.

After butterfly_350 finished her assault, she released my tie, and I stood quickly. There were no fears of an erection betraying me, as my cock had disengaged on first glance of my online lover.

Ok, that one didn’t quite live up to the billing.

I dragged her back to the ticket counter and laid down my Platinum American Express and urgently said, “one way ticket to anywhere asap!”

Butterfly_350 patted my hand and calmly said, ‘It’s ok dear. I can pay to get myself back to Rock Island. You don’t feel bad about this; it happens all the time.”

OK, I’m an asshole, but I do have some sense of decorum. I found myself leaning down and raising her flabby chin with my forefinger, then kissed her little red mouth quickly.

I spun on my heels and waved goodbye over my shoulder without looking back.

My point is that I had already discovered that the small step from cyber world to planet earth was a free fall into the abyss.

But, damn it, this new little waif that snuck up on me in the comment section of my blog just had my heart racing.

Even her screen name turned me on. Lolita!

After hours and hours of hammering out messages back and forth, and countless sexy pictures being exchanged, we made the decision that this was probably more than a casual fantasy.

Skype was out of the question since two women live with me 98% of the time here at my Florida home on Sanibel Island.

Phone sex was also tricky for much the same reasons, so once again, I hopped on a plane and headed to our agreed upon rendezvous.

After dozens of emails we discovered something wrong with just about every place on earth that favored a fuck fest.

How about an Alaskan cruise? Well, we’re stuck together for 8 days which is cool if we hit it off. But, if she turned out to be a goat instead of a Lolita, well, look for me overboard!

A weekend of horseback riding at Scotty’s Dude Ranch at the base of the Grand Canyon looked promising until Lolita claimed she was allergic to hay.

It was the beginning of summer, and Arizona’s Red Rock Canyon was nice and remote in Sedona, but also hotter than Hades.

Anywhere north was cold and neither of us fared well with red cheeks and sniffles.

So, the most logical place for our rendezvous to me was my old standby.

New Orleans.

Ah, yes… ‘The Crescent City” full of grace and charm, well…except for the four thousand FEMA trailers that had been abandoned over in the ninth ward, but to most folks, Katrina was well behind them now, and the ‘new’ New Orleans was in full swing again.

Since I considered this to be a chance to impress,  I booked the penthouse at ‘The Banks’, which as the name implies sits on the banks of the Mississippi. It is known to be the best of the best in luxury hotels on the river.

My plans included dinner at 8:30 p.m. at Pat O’Briens in the French Quarter, and a midnight cruise on the Delta Queen, an old fashioned riverboat that catered to young lovers.

Then, if all went as planned, we should end up in bed back at the Bank’s by 2:00 am, where we would make passionate love until daybreak, and then fall fast asleep with her leg draped over my thigh as our mixed results trickled down to the satin sheets.

But, right now, it was time to go to the airport to pick up Lolita.

Naturally, a white stretch limo was under the canopy at the Banks, curbside with the driver standing rather stately holding the right rear door open for me.

The driver nodded as I slid in and as he walked around to the driver’s door, it suddenly occurred to me how foolish this whole thing was.

Now, remorse isn’t usually an emotion that I easily embrace. I tend to make decisions and see them through. So far, with the exception of a few minor bumps in the road, I’ve managed quite well in the pursuit of women, so I had no idea why I was suddenly questioning myself.

But, as I gazed out the darkened windows and watched New Orleans speed by as we zipped down I-10, that’s exactly what I was doing.

Why in the world would this stunning 19 year old girl want to meet someone like me?

According to her, she’s read every one of my stories, and understands that while they may not be 100% true in terms of names and dates, the overall description of who I am is pretty accurate.

From my profile pic to my descriptions of my countless indiscretions, she knows exactly what she’s getting into.

The driver pulled up to the international terminal, since my Lolita was flying all the way from South Africa for this crazy adventure.

The driver let me out and I quick stepped through the ground level portion of the terminal and hopped on the escalator. I was to meet her at the bottom of the escalator, but simply couldn’t wait.

I stepped off and headed for gate 57 which was at the far end of the terminal. My mind raced as I looked at my Rolex for the fifteenth time in the last ten minutes.

In my mind’s eye, I imagined a small woman around 46kgs, or 101 pounds, with dark brown hair, and chocolate eyes. She would probably be wearing something comfy like teenage girls do. I’m guessing those expensive jeans that have shredded knees, and some kind of cutesy tee shirt from some fabulous hot spot in Johannesburg, and comfy flip flops.

I nervously lit a cigarette and dragged on it heavily. The calming sensation was instant and gratifying. Then I remember she didn’t smoke! I stubbed it out and fanned my face.

I leaned forward and rested with my elbows perched on my knees and once again, wondered if I was doing the right thing. After all the ‘chats’ and emails, I suddenly realized that I didn’t really know her at all.

All that cyber stuff was supposedly just a fantasyland for adults. It wasn’t real, everyone would say. It didn’t matter if the other person was married, single, bi sexual, lesbian, gay, or even a real person.

She could have been a ‘bot’, a ruse to get wealthy men like me to agree to meet somewhere, only to be bush whacked for my Rolex and Amex card.

Once again, I found myself rubbing my wrist subconsciously hoping I felt my watch.

Just as I started to bolt, the passengers from her flight were deplaning about forty feet away. They were all dragging those wobbly suitcases as they shuffled along. I didn’t see one happy face.

I guessed the 15 hour flight had made them weary, and once again, I kicked myself for my stupidity. With all my travel experience, why did I make dinner reservations for 8:30 p.m. when the plane was scheduled to arrive at 7:50 p.m.?

Surely, she would be tired and would need some recovery time, and time of course to shower and make herself beautiful.

My stupidity was overwhelming me until I saw her.

Well, actually I heard her before I saw her. The click clacks of her stilettos were music to my ears compared to those damn carry-on bags with loose wheels.

It must be her. She was the last to pass through the gate and I’d not seen any beautiful women in ragged jeans and too tight tee shirts pass by.

This stunner wasn’t wearing jeans or a tee shirt.

Lolita was drop dead gorgeous in a little black cocktail dress, a string of pearls around her delicate neck, and a huge white, wide brimmed floppy hat.

The Kentucky derby came to mind where the women, even the not so pretty ones looked sensational in hats just like the one she was wearing.

How was it possible that there wasn’t a hair out of place, her makeup was perfect, and her clothes showed no signs of travel?

Before I knew it, she was right in front of me.

I looked down as she looked up, “Hi, Tommy darling!” then ran her pink lips across mine slowly.

The kiss was long, slow and dreamy as she held the back of my neck and caressed it with her fingers. There was no tongue; as that would have ruined it.

It was the kiss she had longed for from somebody all her young life. It certainly was worth waiting for on my end as well.

My cock pushed up to my waistband to see what all the commotion was that had stirred him from his nest above my balls. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing her ass and pulling her to me just so she would know what she had done to me.

The urge subsided when I saw people gawking at us. The kiss ended as we gazed in each other’s eyes.

“So, you’re the Lolita?”

“Uh huh…and you’re the player…Tommy Crown.”

I caressed her face with the palm of my hand and remarked, “You’re stunning” then kissed her once again softly, grabbed her hand, and headed for the limo.

“Thanks baby. You’re pretty stunning yourself.”

With those words, my cock snuck up to my waist band to take a peek.

It was uncomfortable walking to the escalators, so I let him go back to sleep.

The white stretch was curbside and the prim driver had the door open wide as we slid in.

As we left the curb Lolita asked, “So, where are you taking me player?”

“I made reservations for dinner. I thought you might be hungry.”

“Oh, I’m hungry alright, but not for food. I had dinner on the plane.”

I’m not ordinarily caught off guard by such comments, but coming from the mouth of someone that looked so elegant and refined did throw me. Lolita had the face and voice of an angel and had me completely off my game.

But, she was expecting a strong, decisive man that could take control of any situation. That used to be me, but she had me so flustered.

There wasn’t a single sign that she was a teenager other than her young face. No bubble gum, no earphones stuck in her ears, and certainly no jeans or tee shirts.

So, after I regained my composure, I took control.

“Well, we don’t have to go to dinner. The Hotel is only twenty minutes away. Maybe we should just go there and get you settled in.”

“Yes, my love. That sounds perfect. I’d like a chance to get out of these clothes and maybe take a hot bath.”

Then she gracefully removed her hat and released the pin that held her hair in place. She shook her head and tousled her hair until it fell into place framing her face with ringlets of silky hair.

Lolita was certainly breathtaking as she lay against my arm and turned her head up to me for a kiss. My lips pressed hers gently and her cherry lip gloss smelled great and tasted even better. I thought it was the perfect kiss at the perfect time.

But, apparently she didn’t.

“Baby, I won’t break. Where’s that player that always knew how to turn me on with just a few words. The one that French kissed me on the screen and I felt it. I’m here now, so I’d like to actually have one in person.”

For once in my life I felt completely awkward as the teenager crawled in my lap and took my face between her small hands.

“Now, this is what I want.”

Suddenly, she took my face in her hands, leaned to my parted lips and slid her tongue in my mouth. My cock quickly sprang up in my slacks knowing he was about to see some action. Our mouths clamped together tightly as our tongues danced. Saliva dripped from our chins and she caught the stringers with her fingers and dangled them back in her mouth.

Oh, she was hungry alright. But, her hunger didn’t match mine.

I said to the driver, ‘Take the long way. About an hours worth.”

I saw him looking at us in the rear view mirror as he smiled and said, “As you wish Mr. Crown. How about a nice long drive down by the river?”

“Sounds perfect.”

I hit the power button for the privacy curtain that turned the backseat dark and quiet.

We began making out and undressing simultaneously.

Now, completely naked, I laid her back on the soft leather and pushed her knees apart. My lips kissed her ankles, then the backs of her knees. A hand touched my long salt and pepper hair as I moved to her inner thighs. I kissed them softly; first one then the other as my Lolita moaned. My hands lifted her thighs as she placed her legs over my shoulders. I could smell her arousal. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and slid my hands to her delicate pussy. It was moist and shiny from our hot kissing. I used both thumbs to slide up and down her juicy slit preparing it for my tongue.

“Oh my God!” she whispered as my tongue slipped up her slit like a kid on an ice cream cone.

Again and again, I licked and again and again, she said, “Oh my God!”

I nudged her pussy open with my nose and darted my long warm tongue in and out as she wiggled and panted.

My right thumb brushed her clit as my tongue slurped on her.

“Ohhhh...FUCK!” she screamed as her legs began to tremble. Finally, I knew I was in my element. I wet my right forefinger from her juices and rubbed it around her tiny asshole.

She flinched and squirmed and almost protested as my wet finger urged its way up her ass.

“Oh God...Oh’re driving me crazy!”

That was all the inspiration that I needed. My finger picked up the pace in her ass, matching my tongue in her hot pussy until I sensed a wave of pleasure uncoiling from inside her.

Lolita bucked against my mouth and finger and as I looked over her tummy I watched her toss her head back and forth as she cried, “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me …FUCK ME!”

My finger pounded into her hot ass quickly as my tongue sucked on her puffy clit. Her juices began to flow over my chin inspiring me to fuck her. I was on top of her burying my big thick cock in her tiny cunt before she knew what happened.

“Oh God yesss..I’ve waited so long for this baby! Fuck my little pussy!”

She hooked her arms around my neck tightly as her legs wrapped around my ass. I kissed her harder than I had kissed anyone in a long time, and she made me feel like no one had ever kissed her that way before.

Now, stuffed with my big cock, she rode me perfectly to a mind blowing orgasm.

Lolita sobbed as she arched her back and kept thrusting, sending our mixture squirting from her pussy.

“Oh dear God…I never EVER imagined this!!”

It was one of those moments that we get to experience in life that imprints your brain.

I lay on top of her and kissed her all the way down River Street.

She was still kissing my neck as the drivers voice came through the speaker, “Excuse me Mr. Crown. Shall I do another lap or take you to the hotel ?”

We looked in each other’s eyes grinning.

I pushed the intercom button and replied, ‘The hotel!”

My Lolita grinned as she massaged my heavy balls, “Oh player…you sure about that?” then kissed and slurped on my throbbing cock.

Then lit a cigarette and French inhaled slowly.

This online lover was more than I expected.

Meet Lolita!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aisle Six

During football season, everyone hung out at Tommy's on Sundays. After all, he had the biggest place and the biggest flat-screen that money could buy.

It was his usual crowd with his wingman and best friend Buddy, along with his assortment of college pals and some very hot ladies that knew the best place to meet men had to be Tommy's place on Sunday afternoons. It helped if they knew anything about football...most of them didn't.

During half-time Tommy announced he was off to te grocery store to replenish the beer and condiments. It was there that our story begins.

As he strolled up and down the aisles grabbing his favorite snacks, and a couple more deli trays, he turned down aisle six. Pickles were a must so he stopped and picked up a jar of his favorites and before he could place it in his cart, a tall good looking woman in her early thirties took the jar from his hand and set the pickles back on the shelf and chose another brand and handed it to him. She smiled, turned and pushed her cart on ahead.

He looked at the brand she had chosen, and didn't like the way the pickles looked. They looked kinda squishy. Tommy liked crisp dill pickles, so he put them back and grabbed his first choice and tossed it in his cart and continue down aisle six.

The tall woman was near the other end of the aisle, when he noticed her again. Tommy, at 6'5" thought she must be another 6'' footer, with long lean legs, narrow hips and a splendid ass.

Must be fresh from a workout
he thought as he noticed she had on black spandex speedos, and a loose sweatshirt that rode slightly off her delicate right shoulder. Her chestnut hair was piled loosely on the top of her head, secured by God knows what.

She looked interesting. Her fragrance was still in the air around him. He shook his head. It made no sense, to turn on the charm now, when he had pussy coming out of his ears already. Raven, Lola, Eva, Kelly...her mother Kate, the preachers wife were already signed up on his available anytime list. Why add another?

Besides, Biloxi was a small town, and he was already bumping into them all over town.

But, he was a player, and players always make room on their plates for something fresh.

So, he strolled along pushing his basket and walked on by stopping a few feet ahead of her to grab the Mayonnaise. Once again, the woman walked up to him, and took his Helmanns and exchanged it for Miracle Whip and handed it to him, then walked away. He put the Miracle Whip back, and made a snatch for his Helmanns and set the jar in his cart next to his Classic pickles.

Damn woman.

He'd had enough of her, so he swung his cart around, and went in the opposite direction, figuring he'd be better off without some health nut anyway. He smoked, drank, ate red meat, and had an appetite for sweets. He was fit, muscular, and exercised daily, but didn't consider his lifestyle particularly healthy.

If he pursued her, he thought, she would be one of those pain in the ass fucks, that would give him instructions as to how,and where to put his Johnson.

Fuck that.

As he whipped around the end of the aisle, there she was. Nose to nose with his cart. He looked up at her, after surveying his cart for damages.

Since this was the first time he got a look at her face, he took it all in slowly.


Big blue eyes, perfect eyebrows, long lashes, and stunning lips coated in pink lip gloss. And with her hair tossed up and her sweatshirt trying to fall off, and erection was imminent.

They stood silent for a moment. He'd already checked her out, but she hadn't seen him full on face to face. Another Wow.

She was looking down at her cart and saw he was wearing shorts that showed off his muscular calves, powerful thighs, and a generous crotch. His six pack was tanned and easy to see, since he was wearing one of those half tee shirts.

Okay, she'd seen a lot of nice bodies before. No big deal.

But, when she saw that movie star face, with its square jaw and dimpled chin, full lips, under a modest nose, centered between ocean blue eyes, resting under a soft mane of sandy hair...well, she was done.

"Well, hell-ohhh, again." She said with her best sexy voice.

Tommy growled, "You smashed my pickles."


"My pickles. You smashed them."

His pickle jar was in the front of his cart and wounded beyond repair. Dying a slow death leaking pickle juice all over the end of aisle six.

"I told you not to get those pickles. They're too hard."

"I don't care for squishy pickles."

"Well, they're squishy now."

"And whose fault is that?"

She glanced down.

"Guess they weren't wearing their seat belts, so the fault is yours...not mine."

"Are you always so annoying?

"Are you always so arrogant?"

"I asked you first."

"I'm annoying?"

"See, you answer a question with a question. That's annoying."

"You are arrogant. I withdraw my question."



She whipped her cart around his and stepped away briskly.

Crazy bitch.

He shoved his cart through his pickle juice and mumbled to the pimple faced stock boy next to him, "Clean up on aisle six"

She had gone left, so he went right. He grabbed his whole grain bread, Cheerios, and Uncle Bens Rice and headed for the check out.

With less than twenty items, the express lane offered him a hasty exit. The line was short, so he slid in behind a chubby little woman that was as wide as she was tall. She had one boogie picker on her hip and another one tugging on her chubby elbow.

He glanced in her full cart, "Uhh, lady, this is the express lane."

She looked over her shoulder at him, "Good, 'cause I'm in a hurry. Jasper has to shit."

Nodding her head at the elbow tugger. Perfect.

He took a step back and hung his ass on another cart. Naturally, it was the annoying sex kitten/health nut.

"You again." He grumbled.

"I feel exactly the same way."

"Back up before Jasper shits on me."

"Who's Jasper?"

"The one on her hip...I think"

She smiled, "Do you always have this much drama when you grocery shop?"

"Not just grocery shopping. Drama tends to follow me around."

"So, you're a drama magnet."

"Clearly, now will you back up?"

She backed up laughing, as Jasper did his business all over momma's Reeboks.. Wonderful.

Tommy made it out just in time and swung his cart around and sped away to a safer checkout where he was joined by Miss Annoying.

"Are you following me?"

"Honey, you have me hooked. I just don't want to miss anything."

"Okay, then stick around. It shouldn't take long for disaster to strike."

"Oh, I doubt it. I mean, what could possibly happen now?" The woman held her hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Tommy grinned, "Anything. Everything. Hell, I'm even starting to like you."

She laughed, "Part of my charm. I took annoying classes. What's your name drama magnet?"

"Tommy.' He began unloading his cart on the conveyor as he winked at her..

"Suits you. I'm Kit."

He glanced up, "Hi , Kit. Having a nice day?" and continued digging his items out.

"It started kinda crappy, but I must admit, it's gotten a whole lot better since I came grocery shopping!"

He took a couple of steps forward as the clerk began scanning his items.

Suddenly, balloons dropped from the sky and loud band music came out of nowhere, as a smiling bald dude came running out to shake his hand, carrying a big envelope. He shook his hand rapidly while saying, "Congratulations. You're our one millionth customer!! You've won a years worth of groceries AND a Hawaiian Vacation for two!!!"

The local newspaper reporter began quizzing him, while the papers photographer snapped a few candid shots.

He turned to the sex kitten, who had squatted on the floor, laughing in her hands. She looked up at him, with tears of laughter in her eyes. She nibbled on her bottom lip and shook her head. He bent down, in front of her, "Told ya." She kissed him on the mouth.

"You sure did sweetheart. I'll never doubt you again."

He took her hands and pulled her up into a long embrace, complete with several warm kisses.

Click. Click. Click. More candid snapshots.

Kit grinned, "Shit"

"Problem?" Tommy asked. Kit shook her head.

"Good. I have to go with this guy to sign something. Wait for me."

Kit replied, "Oh, don't worry about that hon. I told you...I'm hooked."

She checked out and pushed her cart to the wall and sat on the bench. Her mind was a blur of pickles,mayonnaise, crashed carts, and slippery floors...snotty nosed kids, and shit laden diapers.

Most of all, she thought of Tommy.

Why had this amazing man come into her life today? Today of all days. The very day her husband announced he was leaving her and the kids for a twenty something nitwit? Why?

Kit was 35and still had plenty of fire left. She never refused Frank. Oh, there were plenty of times she wanted to, but she was his wife and that's what wives were supposed to do. No warm ups though. No sweet words or kisses. Just climb on and get off. A lot of things had her mind swimming. She had never cheated before but today...well, people come in and out of our lives for different reasons. Maybe this Tommy had some answers.

Tommy came out, "Let's get out of here!"

Kit hopped to her feetas he dropped his two plastic bags in her cart and took the helm. She tucked her arm through his as they walked out, looking very much like a happily married couple.

Once outside, in the bright sun, he slid his shades from the top of his sandy hair to his nose.

"Which way?"

Kit pointed to the last aisle by the street. She held the front of the basket directing him to the rear of her her silver mini van.

Tommy laughed, "This yours?" She popped the hatch and held her hand in to keep the soccer balls from rolling out.

"Yeah, why?"

Tommy pointed, at the red Porsche, that was parked nose to nose with hers.


She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately then said, "Looks like I've hit you twice today."

He shoved the cart away, "Do those seats...."

She cut him off, "Recline? They sure do. Want to take a nap with me?"

"Maybe after...depends."


"If you wear me out."

"Oh, I'll do my best hon."

She walked to the side door and reached in and let the back seats fold into the floor. She climbed in and closed the door.

"Coming baby?"

He crawled in and pulled the hatch down behind him, slapping a couple of soccer balls out of the way. He looked up and Kit had already taken off her sweatshirt and had her back arched tugging off her Speedos. She kicked them from her feet and slid her feet back raising her knees. She let her knees fall to the side, revealing her shaved pussy to him.

Tommy grinned and crawled between her legs and began kissing her silky thighs. Kit moaned softly and ran her fingers through his soft hair. His lips were closer now and his hot breath made her moan again. This time , a little louder. Then his thumbs spread her purple pussy lips, revealing her wet pussy.

"Ahhh...yes baby...yes."

Kit cried softly. She held the back of his head clutching his hair between her fingers.

He slowly started his tongue around the inside of her lips as he rubbed the outside with his thumbs.

"Ohh baby...damn that feels good."

His tongue slipped inside for a few sample tastes.

"Ohhhh. Yesssss."

Kit rolled her hips to match his licks. She was smiling at her good luck as she pushed her pussy against his mouth.

"You like this baby? Eating my pussy?"

He glanced up at her and saw her playing with her nipples.

"I do. Your pussy is stunning, smells fresh, and tastes delicious. I could do this all day."

"Me, too...Just don't forget to fuck me."

"I promise. I won't forget."

"I haven't seen your me."

He slipped his right hand thumb in his waist band and dragged them to his knees then wriggled them down to his feet. He got on his knees and let his cock spring up.

"Ohh dear God..Come here."

She sat up and grabbed hold of his thick shaft with her left hand and rubbed the head against her slippery pink lips. They parted slightly, so she could slip her tongue out for a taste.

"MMMMM.....did you say something about stunning and delicious?"

He didn't answer as he caressed her face. She opened wide and went down him. All the way down.


She pulled her mouth up, slowly sucking him hard until she heard a loud 'pop'.

She gasped for air refilling her lungs.

"Put it in me...please baby. I need you so fucking bad."

Tommy laid on her and with one thrust, it was in.

"Ohh Goddd."

Kit bucked against him like she really meant she needed him.

He whispered, "Like that baby?"

"More than you could possibly know."

Her soft voice in his ear inspired him. He started pumping into her harder now.

"That's right..fuck me hard. I don't mind."

Tommy felt her long legs wrapped around his ass squeezing him tight. He was taking long hard strokes as he felt her fingernails down his back.

Kit bucked hard against hard he felt her pelvic bones smashing against his. Her tongue dove in his mouth and slipped around his throat. She felt her orgasm along her spine first. Then pulled from the kiss and tensed up and screamed, "TOMMY!"

She flooded his cock and balls with her fresh juices. Her legs quivered when she sobbed, "Oh, shit..Oh shit...oh, there's more baby!"

He pulled out of her and went to her lips with the tip of his cock. Kit opened her mouth as she masturbated . Her hand was moving so fast he could hardly see it, but he heard the fast squishing sounds, which made his cock spurt on her lips.

She opened wide and said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," as the tip of his cock squirted warm cum in her mouth. One squirt, two, three, four, five hot shots that she let accumulate before swallowing. She pulled her cum soaked fingers, from her pussy and shared them with him.

"Ohh,baby, baby...damn...what a great fuck this was. Where the hell have you been and why didn't you get here ten years ago?"

Tommy kissed her softly, leaned back and said, "You weren't ready for me then."

"Well, I'm sure's hell ready for you now. Your mouth tastes like you smoke."

"Probably because I do. I'd like one right now since you brought it up. Do you mind?"

"Mind? Honey, my husband made me quit three years ago. I've craved one every day since. Light one up for us."

He slipped a Marlboro Light in his mouth and lit it. She put her mouth close to share his inhale.

Tiny wisps of smoke curled around her wet lips.

"Fuck...that's great. I loved smoking. And I gave it up for nothing. Fucker!"

She laid in his arms and took the cigarette from him and dragged it deep.

"Nothing? Why? What do you mean?"

"Fucker left in fact. That's why I'm here. He's packing his truck and I didn't want to hang around, so I came grocery shopping. And now look what's happened. Just don't fuck it up and tell me you're married."

"Not a problem, babe. I'm definitely not married."

She French inhaled slowly, thoughtfully..."Man, what a story this would make, huh?"

"We'll see. It might. Ever been to Hawaii?"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Come To Momma, Joey Chapter Two

She raised her ass in the air, and Joey grabbed her bottoms by the waist band and slowly tugged them down. He was in a hurry, but wanted to take his time and preserve every inch of her ass in his memory for future reference.

He leaned slightly forward as she raised her ass higher so she could drag them over her knees. His heart jumped when he saw her asshole, then really jumped when her plump pussy appeared.

It looked like a taco..a delicious, meaty taco, that was already moist and shiny.

Ohhh. I want that in my face...I want to lick it till she squirts on my chin...What should I do? Would she see me if...if I jacked off?

"What baby?" She said as she laid back down on her tummy.

"Huh?" He wondered if she'd 'heard' his thoughts.

"Nothing. I thought you said something."

She calmly dragged on her cigarette, even though her pulse had quickened,just knowing her ass was being rubbed by her son. After making a few circles on her cheeks, his left hand started massaging her left ass cheek. He was squeezing it firmly, letting her know she was turning him on.

His right hand thumb slowly rubbed up and down inside her crack. His breathing became short as his thumb kept getting closer and closer to her asshole.

Ohh, fuck...I wonder what she'd say if I just slipped it in slowly. My cock will probably spurt if I do that!

But, sex was in the air. They both could smell it.

Dottie was no fool. She dragged on her cigarette, then finger flipped it in the hedges. She then stunned him by lying flat on her tummy, and spreading her legs for him, dangling them from the sides of the chaise.

"How's this, baby?"

She could tell he was breathing hard, and knew that he had touched himself a few times. His right hand had to be somewhere while his left hand was squeezing her ass. And it sure wasn't in her crack!

Joey replied, "Uhh, it''s perfect mom..just perfect."

"You CAN touch me, baby."

"Would you like that, mom?"

"Oh, yeah...go on and touch me's okay."

The only heart she heard pounding was hers.


He slid his fingers down her ass crack and ran his forefinger around her asshole as Dottie squirmed and said, "Squirt some oil up my ass, baby."

Ohh Goddd...Yes, baby ...please finger fuck my ass!

His cock was leaking, so he reached in his shorts, and collected his pre cum, "I have something better...I hope you like it." then rubbed it around her asshole.

Dottie was stunned, "Baby, is that what I think it is?"

He grinned as he slipped his forefinger in her slick asshole.

"Ohhh my feels so good."

"Uh huh....surprised?"

"Ohh, kinda...but I prefer your cum over coconut oil anyday.."


"You're my man now Joey...Do it baby. Do it."

He got on his knees and slipped his trunks off, then knee walked between her legs. He took his stiff cock and ran it up and down her crack, depositing a few more drops around her hole. Then he pushed her silky legs wide apart, laid down and started finger fucking her ass.

Dottie picked up his rythm quickly, and began bucking against his knuckles that were pressed against her hot ass.

He leaned on his left elbow and smiled as he watched his middle finger go in and out of his mothers ass. Dottie was now picking up the pace. She bucked hard, and he rammed hard. She thought for a moment that she might faint. But, she didn't.

Instead, she screamed, "Faster baby...want to see momma cum?"

"Ohh God...YES! Oh, please cum momma...please, please cum!"

He rammed her as hard and fast as he could and she began showering his face with her juices.

"Ohhh baby, ohhh baby...I love you sooo much..." she cried.

He leaned down and pulled her spurting cunt to his lips. "I love you, too." he said as he lapped up her juices.

"Ohhh, that's a good boy and drink from mommas pussy, baby...It's all for you."

"All?" he asked as he dragged his tongue from her pussy to her ass slowly.

" can have all of momma..."

She held the back of his head , forcing his mouth to stay on her while she emptied her pussy juices into his mouth. He swallowed, slurped, and swallowed some more.

"Mmmmmm. Did you like that, baby?"

Joey wiped his chin with the back of his hand, "I loved it...I want more." then put his cum soaked hand to her red lips where she licked it clean.

"Me, too. Lots more. First, let's share a cigarette, and then we'll figure out what to do next."

"Easy one. I want to fuck you."

"And I want to fuck you,too. I want to fuck you all day."

"Can we?"

"We can and we will. But, first, kiss me....kiss me passionately. I know you have wanted to for a long time."

"Your lips always look so moist and creamy...I'd love to kiss you mom."

" That's my boy. I want you to taste my lips, and the inside of my mouth, and I sure as hell want to taste yours."

"Ok, and then?"

"Then we fuck."

"Oh, so fucking hot!!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunset Boulevard




Nothing says summertime in Hollywood, California more than hot young girls in faded cutoff jeans and a bikini top.

As John Branson and his daughter Jenny drove down Sunset Boulevard, one such young girl was standing off the curb with her thumb out. At 8:00 am, it seemed early for the hitchhikers to be out.

“Oh, daddy! Let’s pick her up!” Jenny said as she leaned forward on the dash of the Mercedes 500SEL.

“Oh, honey…she’s just a kid. Probably stoned out of her mind.”

“Maybe…but she’s hotter than Hell, dad. C’mon. Where’s that spirit of adventure that has me loving you so damn much?” Jenny lit a cigarette as John pulled to the curb, moving up slowly to the young girl, still fifty yards in front of them.

Jenny blew the smoke from the edge of her lips as she softly touched her daddy’s chin. Her tongue outlined his mouth, then she said breathlessly, “You’re the greatest…thank you daddy.”

The young girl turned as she heard the black Mercedes crawling behind her and stepped up on the curb. John came to a stop as Jenny powered her window down. “Hey, hop in hon!” Jenny’s raspy voice was always sexy to men and women.

The young girl hung one arm on the top of the car and leaned down to see whose voice had made her young pussy tingle.

Both girls stared as they did a slow analysis of each other. She stared at Jenny’s pouty red lips as smoke curled around them before drifting to her ocean blue eyes.

Jenny stared back at the young girls orange lips, heavily glossed like most street hookers. She looked into her dark, mysterious eyes and thought this young girl was the most stunning little hooker she’d ever seen.

As if the young girl had read her mind, she announced, “I’m no fucking hooker. I just need a ride.”

John leaned towards the steering wheel and looked out the passenger window that framed exceptionally nice tits stuffed into an orange bikini top that was at least two sizes too small for her DD cups.

“Hey, we’re offering you a ride, so hop in.” The firm voice of a high priced attorney usually gets attention, and it got hers. It also made her young pussy tingle again.

She opened the right rear door, tossed her backpack on the floor, and slid in.

Smoke poured from Jenny’s lips as she turned sideways and draped her arm over her seat. “What’s your name hon?”

That was twice now that this blond, pony tailed cheerleader type had called her ‘hon’. She felt her face flush, her pussy twitch both times! There was just something about Jenny that turned her on. She wasn’t usually turned on by rich, stuck up cheerleader types, but in less than two minutes, she knew that Jenny Branson was something special. Maybe it was the way her eyes drooped so sexily when she spoke. Her voice was thick, and raspy due to her chain smoking.

But, it was the way Jenny looked at her that made her wet. Like she wanted her, needed her, and with any luck, was going to have her.


“Jenny…and this handsome devil is my dad…John..” Jenny kissed him on the lips as he turned his head slightly, keeping an eye on the traffic.

Ok, it slammed into Amy like a sledgehammer to the chest. John and Jenny were so much more than father and daughter. Another pussy twitch had now moistened her soft cotton panties.

“Got you guys are uhh…lovers?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! I mean…c’mon Amy…look at him! Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous creature between their legs!” Jenny drew hard on her cigarette before finger flipping it out on Sunset.

Amy was shocked when Jenny’s head disappeared into John’s lap. She tried to look away because John was staring at her in the rear view mirror.

She smiled at him, and decided to have some fun of her own. Her right hand slipped down her tummy slowly before tucking under her waistband. Her unshaved mound tickled her fingertips as they prodded her pussy lips. Running her middle finger up and down her tiny slit made her even wetter. With one swift curl, it darted in her warm cunt.

John adjusted his mirror as Jenny sucked him slowly. Her soft moans stirred John and Amy simultaneously.

Amy mouthed, “For you daddy.” As she finger fucked herself slowly.

He mouthed back, “I want you!” as his eyes helped his pleading.

“You can have me!” Amy mouthed as she licked her juices from her finger.

Jenny felt her daddy’s cock swelling in her warm mouth thinking she was the cause of his sudden excitement. She picked up the pace and bobbed up and down while squeezing his big balls.

Amy heard it all and matched the rhythm coming from the front seat.

She bucked against her three fingers hard, arching her back not only because it felt good, but it showed John her dripping pussy with her fingers slamming in and out of it!

The intensity built for all of them as sex sounds filled the cabin of the luxury sedan.

Amy was close as John stared at her in the mirror, “Ready baby?” he whispered.

Jenny assuming he was talking to her, hummed an answer on his cock. “Umm hummm.”

Amy licked her orange lips and nodded.

Suddenly, guttural sounds roared around them in concert. John exploded in his daughters mouth as Amy squirted on the back of the soft palomino leather seat Jenny was occupying and gasped loudly.

Jenny’s head popped up over the top of the seat, “You ok sugar?” as his cream dripped from her chin.

Amy smiled and crooked her finger, “I’d be better if you’d hop back here and share some of that sweet stuff with me!”

John grinned as Jenny slid over the seat right on top of Amy.

“Give it to me baby! Amy pleaded.

Jenny leaned to her open orange mouth and dribbled her daddy’s cum in slowly. In seconds they were deep kissing and cum swapping as John took hold of his cock at the corner of Sunset and Highland.

Jenny slid down and pulled Amy’s shorts down to her thighs, and began eating the young girls pussy .

Amy held the back of Jenny’s head and said, “Give me some of his cum…just drop it on my clit!”

The clit got its reward and so did Jenny as Amy shot a steady stream of her thin juices in her willing mouth.

Afterwards, they sat up and lit cigarettes as John pulled onto Rodeo Drive.

He whipped to the curb in front of Louis Vuitton’s and parked. Turning in his seat, he enjoyed watching the girls smoke kissing and fondling one another.

Jenny broke from the kiss and said, “Daddy? Would you like some of this? You secret condo is just blocks away.”

“What about the beach, honey?” John replied.

Amy answered, “The beach will be there tomorrow…if you want me you both can have me, but it has to be today. I’m outta here first thing in the morning.”

Jenny replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t bet on it sugar. You look kinda young to be traveling alone. How old are you, hon?

Amy replied, “ that a problem?