Thursday, January 17, 2013

Come To Momma, Joey Chapter Two

She raised her ass in the air, and Joey grabbed her bottoms by the waist band and slowly tugged them down. He was in a hurry, but wanted to take his time and preserve every inch of her ass in his memory for future reference.

He leaned slightly forward as she raised her ass higher so she could drag them over her knees. His heart jumped when he saw her asshole, then really jumped when her plump pussy appeared.

It looked like a taco..a delicious, meaty taco, that was already moist and shiny.

Ohhh. I want that in my face...I want to lick it till she squirts on my chin...What should I do? Would she see me if...if I jacked off?

"What baby?" She said as she laid back down on her tummy.

"Huh?" He wondered if she'd 'heard' his thoughts.

"Nothing. I thought you said something."

She calmly dragged on her cigarette, even though her pulse had quickened,just knowing her ass was being rubbed by her son. After making a few circles on her cheeks, his left hand started massaging her left ass cheek. He was squeezing it firmly, letting her know she was turning him on.

His right hand thumb slowly rubbed up and down inside her crack. His breathing became short as his thumb kept getting closer and closer to her asshole.

Ohh, fuck...I wonder what she'd say if I just slipped it in slowly. My cock will probably spurt if I do that!

But, sex was in the air. They both could smell it.

Dottie was no fool. She dragged on her cigarette, then finger flipped it in the hedges. She then stunned him by lying flat on her tummy, and spreading her legs for him, dangling them from the sides of the chaise.

"How's this, baby?"

She could tell he was breathing hard, and knew that he had touched himself a few times. His right hand had to be somewhere while his left hand was squeezing her ass. And it sure wasn't in her crack!

Joey replied, "Uhh, it''s perfect mom..just perfect."

"You CAN touch me, baby."

"Would you like that, mom?"

"Oh, yeah...go on and touch me's okay."

The only heart she heard pounding was hers.


He slid his fingers down her ass crack and ran his forefinger around her asshole as Dottie squirmed and said, "Squirt some oil up my ass, baby."

Ohh Goddd...Yes, baby ...please finger fuck my ass!

His cock was leaking, so he reached in his shorts, and collected his pre cum, "I have something better...I hope you like it." then rubbed it around her asshole.

Dottie was stunned, "Baby, is that what I think it is?"

He grinned as he slipped his forefinger in her slick asshole.

"Ohhh my feels so good."

"Uh huh....surprised?"

"Ohh, kinda...but I prefer your cum over coconut oil anyday.."


"You're my man now Joey...Do it baby. Do it."

He got on his knees and slipped his trunks off, then knee walked between her legs. He took his stiff cock and ran it up and down her crack, depositing a few more drops around her hole. Then he pushed her silky legs wide apart, laid down and started finger fucking her ass.

Dottie picked up his rythm quickly, and began bucking against his knuckles that were pressed against her hot ass.

He leaned on his left elbow and smiled as he watched his middle finger go in and out of his mothers ass. Dottie was now picking up the pace. She bucked hard, and he rammed hard. She thought for a moment that she might faint. But, she didn't.

Instead, she screamed, "Faster baby...want to see momma cum?"

"Ohh God...YES! Oh, please cum momma...please, please cum!"

He rammed her as hard and fast as he could and she began showering his face with her juices.

"Ohhh baby, ohhh baby...I love you sooo much..." she cried.

He leaned down and pulled her spurting cunt to his lips. "I love you, too." he said as he lapped up her juices.

"Ohhh, that's a good boy and drink from mommas pussy, baby...It's all for you."

"All?" he asked as he dragged his tongue from her pussy to her ass slowly.

" can have all of momma..."

She held the back of his head , forcing his mouth to stay on her while she emptied her pussy juices into his mouth. He swallowed, slurped, and swallowed some more.

"Mmmmmm. Did you like that, baby?"

Joey wiped his chin with the back of his hand, "I loved it...I want more." then put his cum soaked hand to her red lips where she licked it clean.

"Me, too. Lots more. First, let's share a cigarette, and then we'll figure out what to do next."

"Easy one. I want to fuck you."

"And I want to fuck you,too. I want to fuck you all day."

"Can we?"

"We can and we will. But, first, kiss me....kiss me passionately. I know you have wanted to for a long time."

"Your lips always look so moist and creamy...I'd love to kiss you mom."

" That's my boy. I want you to taste my lips, and the inside of my mouth, and I sure as hell want to taste yours."

"Ok, and then?"

"Then we fuck."

"Oh, so fucking hot!!"

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  1. How can something so wrong be so hot at the same time?????? I just have to use my own imagination to not make this incest!!! Ya nasty man!!! Cant wait for the next chapter Garrett!!!