Tuesday, March 31, 2015

She Was Alone...

by Tommy Crown



It was another hot and humid night along the coast. Soft curling waves rolled on the sandy beach and deposited its foam and rushed back out to sea.

The voluptuous young woman known locally as 'the goddess'' was alone in her bed. Very alone.

The 'assassin' was gone now. Looking back, she cursed under her breath how silly the last argument really was.

The sight of him slamming the door and speeding away in his Ferrari was indelibly etched in her brain now. The accompanying words, "I won't be back!" burned into her head and heart.

Had he really meant it this time?

The goddess sighed and closed her eyes. One hand touched her right nipple as her other hand slowly crawled over her flat tummy. It was time to pleasure herself. Oh, how she loved her dreams.

They weren't actually dreams though. More like... remembrances.

The assassin was a big man. Well over six feet tall and powerfully built. Most women respond to big men with dimpled chins and chiseled features, and they certainly responded to him.

He was born into aristocracy and raised with great wealth. Yet, he favored the biker lifestyle and all that it entailed. He rode hard and played harder. His stunning looks were found on biker magazine covers, but the assassin looked stunning in Armani and Hugo Boss suits, too.

When he was on the prowl, he favored a long hooded black cloak.

The goddess smiled as she remembered how the red Ferrari would speed along the beach and turn sharply to the left and spin to a stop in front of her cottage. The door would fling open as he swung his long legs out before unfolding his frame. Then with one sweep of his right arm, the cloak would swish away from his body and float like a butterfly behind him from the oceans breeze.

Then he would pull back his dark hood as he strode towards her and tossed his long silver hair away from his face with a quick head snap. The way he moved, gracefully like an animal stalking its prey as he stepped onto the wooden porch always made her nipples tighten and wet her stunning cunt.

God, was he sexy...

Lately, the dream has been about their first night. The night he made love to her so gently at first; toying with her nipples like a cat toys with a mouse...swatting at it with his long powerful fingers before sucking it between his rich full lips.

The goddess moaned as she remembered how he wet her with the slightest touch. A soft gasp escaped her plum lips as she felt her warm wetness with her fingers. The pleasure intensified as she rubbed her treasure with the thought that it was his fingers...his touch that were driving her to the edge so rapidly.

The goddess opened her eyes and glanced to the left. The sheer curtains hung limp and lifeless. Where was the breeze that usually had them floating away from the window?

Oh, damn...it was hot. The goddess was sweating on the soft Italian sheets that he had gifted her with. She ran her hand along the fine threads and smiled at the opulent lifestyle he had provided her.

Thoughts of him in Milan last spring where he modeled for photo shoots all day and made crazy love to her all night brought her to another sweet orgasm. Then another. Oh, God....another.

Suddenly, smoke drifted over her nostrils. Had she not snuffed out her cigarette in the sterling silver ashtray bedside? A quick glance assured her... she had.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar.

Three perfect smoke rings floated through the mysterious crack in the door. There was someone there...she heard breathing.

The goddess propped herself on her elbows and squinted in the room faintly lit by the hall light.

"Baby? Baby is that you?"

The answer came swiftly as she felt her back hit the fine sheets, her legs forced apart by strong hands.The feeling of a big man with a broad back, bulging biceps and hard contoured pecs against her bare breasts had her breathless.

Then being stuffed with a big cock made her shiver.The angry wet kisses made her tongue go wild. The saliva dripped from her chin as she found herself in the throes of passion. The kiss was so hard, it whipped her into a frenzy as she arched her back and threw her hips at his.

Oh, how she moaned and cried as his manhood plunged to her depths spilling its first seeds. Followed by streams as he lifted his head and roared.

The goddess bucked hard against this mysterious intruder! Now, biting her lip and burying her head under his neck, she pushed her juices along his thick shaft where they escaped her excited pussy.

Her head tossed from side to side as she cried, "Oh baby...Fuck me...Love me...Fuck me..." then tightened her legs around his ass and squeezed the last of her orgasm out. Another gusher spoiled their bed.

Now, completely satisfied, she enjoyed the glorious afterglow... kissing and nibbling his neck. The low growl he gave into her warm mouth tingled the hairs on her neck and arms.

The goddess turned her head slowly so he could nibble her neck. She looked in the mirrored door of her closet...and only saw herself?

The unmistakable sounds of a Ferrari speeding away made her sit up and gasp!

What happened?

The bed was soaked; even she was soaked in sweat and cum. She ran her hands between her legs and wet her fingers. Then brought them slowly to her lips for a taste.

Then she knew. This was no fucking dream.

The goddess lit a cigarette and walked naked out on the porch wanting just one more glimpse of him.

Suddenly, something flew through the night air and stuck in the soft sand on its tip.

It spun and whirled sand like an ice skater on ice!

She stepped from the porch as the glittering, spinning object came to rest and swayed in the sudden breeze.

A broad smile lit up her face.

It was the sword of the assassin.

"Baby...please come back..."

She fell to her knees and sobbed. She knew by the way he fucked her...he'd never be back.

Some say they have seen him in his dark cloak hovering over a makeshift grave down the beach.

It's only marking:  'I could have been better'.

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